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Sports Groups

If you’re coming to Orlando for a sports tournament, then look no further than staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando. Our all-suite property is perfect for sports groups! We offer space and outstanding amenities at an affordable price making our hotel an ideal base for your next tournament.

Conveniently Located Near the Sports Arenas

We are located in the heart of all of the action and are minutes away from where you need to be:

Amenities Your Sports Group Will Enjoy

  • One bedroom suites (sleep up to 6 people)
  • Separate living and dining areas
  • Group check in  / pre-blocked rooms
  • Laundry facilities

Hotel Amenities


Let’s Connect

We will take care of everything so that your team can focus on the game! For rates and additional information, please fill out Request Form.


Sport Events in Orlando

There’s so much to do in Orlando and the sports season is no exception! Here are some exciting new events throughout the city. Please note that due to health and safety issues, some events may have been canceled or postponed.

Events at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

  • ESPN Events Invitational | Nov 25 – 28, 2021
  • Disney Junior Soccer Showcase | Nov 26-28, 2021
  • Disney Boys Soccer Showcase | Dec 27 – 31, 2021
  • Disney Girls Soccer Showcase | Jan 15-17, 2022
  • Disney Field Hockey Showcase | Jan 28-30, 2022
  • Disney Presidents Day Soccer Tournament | Feb 19-21, 2022








The staff when we checked in were very attentive and we noticed every time someone walked in, or out, they were greeted by name. The staff smiled and genuinely cared and served us. To us, this level of customer service is what every business needs. Well done staySky! The suites are spacious and super clean.

A Google Review from Michael
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