The Most Perfect Minnie Ears

September 24, 2015Minnie Ears - staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando

If we had to choose just one item to represent Disney, Minnie/Mickey ears would be it. After all, it all started with a mouse! Disney has several recognizable symbols like Cinderella’s Castle or glass slippers, Snow White’s apple, Aladdin’s lamp and many more. But the most recognizable symbol of all has got to be those cute round ears!

And since Disney doesn’t allow adults to get into the parks in costume, the easiest way to dress up is wearing a unique pair of custom ears! There are so many fun ones out there that it was pretty hard to compile just a few of them for this blog post. You can even make your own! So, to get you started with ideas on what ears to get, here are some of our favorites:

Design your own: If you are coming to Disney World to stay with us at staySky Suites, you must make a stop at Disney Springs to build your own set of ears! Check out this blog post for a sneak peak of all the fun choices they have to offer!

Little Mermaid: Etsy is filled with handmade cutesy ears and they all vary in quality and price. Check out this store for the cutest Little Mermaid ears! These ones are also amazing, but quite expensive!

Bride to be: If you are a bride to be, there is no cuter way to flaunt it than wearing these veil ears! Also great for all the couples that come to Disney for their honeymoon!

Belle: This Beauty and the Beast classic is just irresistible!

Cinderella: This item is sold out, but we mentioned it here, because on Etsy you can always request a custom-made item, so it doesn’t matter if it’s sold out or not as long as you’re not in a rush to get it. These are so sparkly and the slippers are just so charming!

Graduation: Celebrate this milestone by getting a graduation set of ears! You can wear it not only to the parks but also to your grad party!

Glow: Use these easy-to-make ears to stand out at night and take awesome glowing pictures! If you don’t have the time to make them, order them here for a bargain! The latter can be a little small so they fit kids better, but adults would be fine wearing them too.

Maleficent: Hello Halloween awesomeness! This one is a bit on the pricey side, because it’s so detailed, but if you are willing to splurge… you’ll be gorgeously evil!