Orlando’s best theme park for Adults

May 20, 2016

Epcot lit up


It’s a gigantic myth to think Orlando’s theme parks are only fun for kids. We go so far as to say that adults have even more fun than the kids for the majority of the time. All theme parks offer attraction to please adults, teenagers and kids. But we do believe some parks offer more things adults can appreciate. It was a hard choice to choose just one park to feature in this post, but if we only had to crown one park as the adult’s destination we would have to give it to Disney’s Epcot. That doesn’t mean that Epcot still doesn’t offer a lot for the kids, but we definitely think Adults always LOVE Epcot. Here’s why:

One of the things that usually fascinate adults is the idea of traveling the world. Who wouldn’t like to visit different countries and experience different cultures? At Epcot you can do just that! The park is divided in three parts and the World Showcase part allows you to visit the landmarks of 11 different countries in one single day! That means you can go:


Drinking around the world: Margaritas in Mexico, beer flight in Germany or whatever else your heart, or liver, desires! Really! The fun part is that you can drink responsibly since they offer sample sizes in every country. So you can truly sample drinks from all around the world!

Eating around the world: Same concept here. You can sample foods from all over the world without the guilt of having to take in the calories of a full meal each time. All countries offer small enough samples that you are able to try at least 3 or four by yourself and double that amount if you are sharing the samples with somebody else.

Shopping around the world: Here’s the fun part. When you go inside each country you get to actually do some very original shopping. The countries offer unique things at their gift shop, so you really feel like you are shopping abroad. Japan is one of our favorite places to shop. They have all kinds of amazing different foods, candy, miniatures and collectibles!

Epcot japan

Coke around the world: In the Future World West you can stop by Club Cool hosted by Coca Cola and try samples of how Coke tastes in a variety of countries. We must warn you that some are sweet and some are… you’ll see!


But that’s not all! Epcot also has awesome rides. Here are our top three for adults:

Test Track: it’s a ride that simulates a visit through the rigorous testing procedures that General Motors uses to evaluate its concept cars. It can get pretty fast and exciting in the car ride, so hold on!

Spaceship Earth:  it’s the ride inside the the iconic Epcot sphere. The slow ride will take you through a look of how advancements in human communication have helped to create the future one step at a time. The video in the ens is pretty cool!

Living with the Land: it’s a slow-moving boat cruise through the agricultural displays and the 4 working greenhouses of The Land Pavilion. The food that is cultivated there actually gets to be eaten by the guests as it’s served in the Epcot restaurants.


We hope you enjoyed the tips and we look forward to hosting you at the staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando where we offer complimentary transportation to Disney World.