5 Must-Buy Items at Disney

July 31, 2015

Essentials - 5 Must Buy Items at Disney - staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando

It’s fairly known that most things are more expensive if you buy them inside the Disney parks. But if you are a Disney fan, there are some things that are a must-buy at Disney. Collectible items, limited time only gifts and Disney park exclusives can make a unique and memorable souvenir from Disney, even if they cost a little more. There are certainly things sold at Disney that you can buy elsewhere and save tons of money doing so, and you can check out this blog post to learn what those items are. But here are the things we recommend buying inside Disney:


Souvenir popcorn buckets: Disney has some amazing popcorn buckets that differ from park to park, based on the season, features a special character or are limited edition. They are creative, functional and so beautiful. Plus, you get to enjoy some popcorn while watching the parade! That alone will make for a great memory attached to your souvenir bucket.


Exclusive Pandora charms: If you have a Pandora bracelet, you must stop at a store inside the park to get an exclusive Disney charm. The Disney charms are not sold at regular Pandora stores, so you can’t miss the chance to buy an exclusive charm to celebrate your Disney trip.
Pandora Duo - 5 Must Buy Items at Disney - staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando


Alex and Ani’s Disney Bracelets: The Disney bracelets from Alex and Ani are also not sold in regular stores, so if you want to add a Disney-themed bangle to your collection, make sure to check them out in the park.

Must Buy Items at Disney - staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando

Snacks: You can obviously take snacks from home to help reduce the cost of your trip, but some snacks are so characteristic of Disney that some fans wouldn’t even consider their trip complete without buying a Disney snacks. Mickeys Premium Ice cream and the classic Pineapple Dole Whip are among the many items you can’t leave without trying!


Original Trading Pin: there are so many Disney counterfeit pins available for sale nowadays that the only way to guarantee having an original is to buy it in a Disney park. Note that I said “buy” and not trade, because even if you trade it with a cast member you are not guaranteed to have an original pin. Cast members trade pins with guests all day, so, unfortunately, they also may end up with fake pins and not even be aware of it.