Kennedy Space Center Tour

April 7, 2016

Orlando hosts guests from all over the world because of our amazing theme parks, but many of our guests are also interested in visiting the Kennedy Space Center, one of the greatest attractions in Central Florida. Catching a shuttle launch may require a bit of luck since they don’t happen all that often. But the complex has so much to offer that you really will be pleasantly surprised with the size of the place and all of the amazing attractions offered.

You’ll get to see America’s history in space laid out before your very eyes in the majestic Rocket Garden where several shuttles stand tall  toward the sky. It is amazing to see the sizes of them and admire each detail. The garden is outside, so pictures always come out looking amazing.

You can also get a close-up view of Space Shuttle Atlantis, displayed in mid-flight glory. With more than 60 interactive exhibits, it’s a moving celebration of humankind’s greatest achievements.

Space Shuttle Atlantis - Kennedy Space Center - staysky Suites I-Drive Orlando

Kids will have a lot of fun at the Children’s Play Dome, a one-of-a-kind space-themed playground. With the majestic Rocket Garden as a backdrop, children can take off in a spacecraft, climb a moon rock wall, crawl through rocket tunnels and slide to the surface of the Moon.

Our favorite part in the whole place is the Apollo/Saturn V Center where you get to stand under the largest rocket ever flown! It is HUGE! You can also touch a moon rock while there! The history of the shuttles are well explained and the whole place is filled with details. You can see a 360 degree picture by clicking on the picture below:

Kennedy Space Center Tour - staysky Suites I-Drive Orlando


If you are staying with us at staySky Suites I-Drive would like to take a tour to Cape Canaveral and check out this amazing complex, visit the page for the Florida Dolphin Tours as they have excursions leaving from Orlando.

Source: Kennedy Space Center