GM’s Picks for staySky Suites I-Drive

February 12, 2016

A trip to Orlando means visiting Disney World, Universal Orlando and several other attractions that make Orlando a top vacation destination. But taking a vacation day to just relax can also help you feel relaxed and recharged, so if you’re staying with us at staySky Suites I-Drive we want to make sure you get the most of it and truly get to enjoy our trip.  We have asked our General Manager, Paul, to highlight what features of our hotel guests just can’t miss out on!  Here are his answers:


Lounge by the pool to soak up the Florida sun! Make sure to lather up on sunscreen though, because even on cloudy days the sun rays can be quite strong.

GM's Picks for staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando - Pool side


Take a warm bubble bath while listing to your favorite tunes!

White glove Touch - staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando


Enjoy our delicious FREE breakfast every morning! This will help you save precious time in the morning that can be left to be spent at the theme parks. Plus, the money saved on breakfast can go into you “souvenir budget.”

Breakfast - staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando


Take a nap in one of our comfy beds and refrain from setting up your alarm. When was the last time you actually slept during the day without having a set time to wake up? Trust us! It’s absolutely wonderful.

staySky Suites I - Drive - Orlando Resorts - Queen Room


Join us for a drink at the lobby bar after a long day of shopping or park hopping!

staySky Suites I - Drive - Orlando Resorts - Bar


Spend a night in and enjoy a delicious bar appetizer or hot pizza in the convenience of your suite. You can order it with us and pick it up at our bar, so there’s no need to drive anywhere for dinner!

staySky Suites I - Drive - Orlando Resorts - Bar & Food