Save Money For Your Disney Trip

September 10, 2015


A vacation to Disney World is a dream for many people out there, but we hear many people saying that they can’t afford it. That is why we wrote a few posts to help you get organized and save some money! This is a continuation post with extra tips on how to save money to have the vacation of a lifetime! Check out this link to read the first post! If you are truly committed to saving money to come visit us at staySky Suites in Orlando, here are a few tips that will help grow your piggy bank:

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Let it go:
Sell the stuff you don’t use on eBay or donate it to a place that will give you a receipt you can use to get a tax break. Take a weekend to clean your house and invite a friend over to help you make decisions. We often get too attached to our things and a close friend will tell you that “you have never worn that shoe” or “that purse doesn’t match your style anymore.” Really. Learn from Elza… let it go!


Get active:
Now what does that have to with savings? Well, better health means less doctor’s bills in the long run and it also keeps you busy. If you’re busy you watch less TV, so you can get rid of cable. If you’re busy you’ll eat less out of boredom and so on.


If you have a credit card that gives you points or cash back, use it for EVERYTHING! That will not only help you keep track of your purchases, but also put money right back in your pocket.


Get a library card:
Check out your nearest library for free stuff. You can rent movies, games, books and even take online course in most libraries and it’s all for FREE!


There’s nothing worse than having to fork up some money that could be saved. Put air in your tires and change the oil in your car and that’ll make your car more efficient saving you some gas money. Don’t leave windows or doors open when the air conditioner is on. Change your air filters. Do everything you are supposed to do to keep the warranty in your products remain valid.


No extras:
Speaking of warranties… forget paying for extended ones. If you are really worried about your phone, for example, just buy a protective case that is really heavy duty.


Be neat:
There’s no reason why you should be paying for unnecessary fees like account overdraft, late fees or ATM fees. Get your financial life organized, so you can remember to pay your bills on time. Set up recurring monthly alarms on your phone and never pay for these lame fees again. Sign up for overdraft protection. Most banks will event text you when your balance is getting low. There are no excuses here.


I am not asking you to buy all new appliances, roofing and isolation for your house (because if you can do that, than you don’t need to be reading this as you already have money), but you can afford to slowly substitute all of your current light bulbs for compact fluorescent light (CFLs) bulbs. They last 10 times longer and use up to 75% less energy.



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