Best Snacks to take to Disney World

May 8, 2015

Going to Disney or other Orlando theme parks is an absolutely amazing experience, but it can also be quite tiring. There is a lot of walking involved in a theme park trip, so you want to make sure your energy levels aren’t fluctuating throughout the day, especially if traveling with kids. Most people will pick sugar or caffeine to help them stay active, but those will only give you energy for short periods of time and you will be left feeling more tired than before when the effect wears out. Most theme parks allow you to take snacks with you, so a good alternative is to plan ahead and pack some snacks that will help you be at you energy peak all day! Here are a few suggestions:


Almondsseeds-700014_1920: Just take a handful of almonds for each person in your party. They’re delicious, easy to pack and will help you keep your energy levels constant, because they contain healthy fats. Fats digest slower making you feel full longer.






Oranges: Just peel them and eat the whole orange, instead of just enjoying the juice, to pack on some extra fiber. Many fruits provide a steady source of energy instead of giving you a quick sugar rush, and oranges aren’t different. Plus, oranges are plentiful in Florida, therefore very affordable.







Apples: Apples are high in fiber, so they’ll take longer to digest keeping you full for longer periods. Plus, an apple a day… well, I’m sure you know where this was heading!






honey-1006972_1920Honey: Add a spoonful of honey to your apples to get an even better pick-me up effect. Take the honey in small containers used for storing salad dressing. Honey is low on the glycemic index, so you won’t get the type of sugar hush you do when consuming white sugar.





party-pastries-448750_1920Sweet Potato: Buy natural sweet-potato chips or make them yourself. It’s a good way to munch on some crunchy chips without ingesting all the fats and complex carbs that other chips are filled with. Sweet potatoes are rich in good carbohydrates and loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C, which help prevent that midday fatigue.





chocolate-183543_1920Dark chocolate: Chocolate is not as evil ad people tend to think. Dark chocolate have less sugar than milk chocolate and has theobromine and a little bit of caffeine and, which will both help boost your energy levels.






As always, enjoy any of these in moderation and remember to eat small portions throughout the day instead of eating one huge meal. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water as our brain can mistake lack of liquid intake as hunger. Orlando is also pretty hot, so keeping hydrated is a must!