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Best Burgers in Orlando

June 17, 2017


For many people, traveling is not just about enjoying all the sights and great attractions a place has to offer. They also insist in trying out the local cuisine. Culinary tours a real thing, because experiencing the local food while vacationing somewhere new can truly enhance your experience. Some places are even known for their food, so one wouldn’t go to Philadelphia and not try a true Philly Cheesesteak, go to Chicago and not try a deep dish pizza or Miami and try a true Cuban Sandwich.

In Orlando we have a variety of delicious restaurants that offer amazing food, but we figure we would start with the basics and share our Top 5 Burgers in Orlando:


1-Teak Neighborhood Grill: This cozy restaurant is a mix of sports bar, backyard bar and hipster restaurant. Their burgers have won several awards and are incredibly tasty!

Must try: The Cronie Burger 12: “french doughnut” tossed with cinnamon-sugar served with a half pound Angus burger topped with maple-pepper bacon, smoked Gouda cheese and an over med egg…a must try!


2-Twin Peaks: This is a sports bar that has amazing craft beers to accompany your burger.

Must try: A Dirty Blonde paired with your Hangover Burger that features delicious egg cooked to perfection.


3-Colombian Burger: A local’s favorite! This is the place all the young crowd visits after the late nights at the club.

Must Try: Any burger as long as you try their signature  pineapple sauce with it!


4-Shake Shack: 100% all-natural Angus beef with no hormones and no antibiotics ever.  Burgers are served on a potato roll that is to die for.  This is especially great for all you veggie-lovers!

Must Try: Shroom Burger: stars a whole portobello mushroom roasted low and slow.


5-BurgerFi: You can build you own burger and all of their ingredients are fresh and meat is free of antibiotics and hormones. You can seriously taste the freshness!

Must try: The CEO: wagyu + brisket blend burger, homemade candied bacon-tomato jam, truffle aioli, aged swiss cheese


We hope you enjoyed the tips. And don’t worry about the calories. Here at staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando we offer a fitness center, outdoor pool and sport court to help you burn off all of those calories. Plus, if you are going to the theme parks you will be walking a LOT, so you’ll need the extra boost! Happy eating!

The staff when we checked in were very attentive and we noticed every time someone walked in, or out, they were greeted by name. The staff smiled and genuinely cared and served us. To us, this level of customer service is what every business needs. Well done staySky! The suites are spacious and super clean.

A Google Review from Michael
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