Adult’s Night Out at I-Drive

February 27, 2015

We know that most of our guests travel with their families, but for the few that are traveling without their kids, we have put together a foolproof way of how to have fun in the heart of Orlando. staySky Suites is located just a few blocks fromInternational Drive, where all the fun happens! So if you’re craving a night out without having to hit up Downtown Orlando, or going too far, we have got you covered:Glasses - Adult’s Night Out at I-Drive

Howl at the Moon:

This is an absolutely amazing place to have a few drinks, enjoy good music, sing along and even show off your dance moves at the end of the night! The place is set up with two pianos at each end of the stage and you can request songs that will be played by each pianist and the other band members. It’s a true high-energy, fun music duel. Tip: get there early to write your message on the mirror.

Here is how it works: You can pay a minimum of $1 to have your message written on the mirror behind the band or to request a song. Then, you can pay the accumulated amount plus a minimum of $1 more to change the message. So you can say, “Happy anniversary to my wife, Linda,” if you were the first person to request a message. Then the next person would have to pay $2 to replace your message. If a person feels like splurging, they can raise the amount by whatever increment to get their message out there, so at the end of the night you might be paying over $50 to write a message! It’s really fun to see people competing to get their message on the board or having their requested songs played.

Later on in the night people move the chairs over and get dancing to their favorite tunes played by an amazing live band! The night is guaranteed fun, if you enjoy music!

ICEBAR Orlando:

Talk about UNIQUE. Having an Ice Bar in Florida is the best idea I’ve heard in a while. We’re usually cooking in the heat just by strolling outside, so it’s refreshing to go to a bar where you’ll need a thick winter coat to get in. – even if it is 95 degrees outside. Upon arrival, you hang out by the FIRE Lounge and have an Ice Princess prepare you for your Arctic journey by providing you with Thermal Coats and Gloves. As you step inside the Winter Wonderland, they have fabulous frozen sculptures to take pictures with and everything else in there is made out of ice! The counter, the bar, the chairs and table and even the cup you sip your drink from. The lighting keeps changing, so the pictures turn out super fun with different hues of pink, blue, green and yellow!

Guests 21+ are welcome at all times while guests 8-20 are welcome between 7:00-9:00pm. The ICEBAR Orlando is an Expedition to the Arctic from the heart of Orlando.

Orlando Improv Comedy Club:

Pretty self-explanatory here. It’s a comedy show bar and restaurant. Performers range from famous Comedy Central stars to comedy class recent graduates on amateur night! There are usually a few opening acts before the main attraction, so the whole night will last about two hours or a little longer. You will get seated at a table for four, so if your party has more or less people you need to get ready to make some new table friends! They serve drinks and food throughout the whole show and comedians make the experience interactive and, needless to say, hilarious!