5 Tips to Beat the Heat at Universal Studios

 June 19, 2015

Cooling Wipes: Use cooling wipes for heat control! You can usually find them in the deodorant aisle.  Use them on your neck, pulse, forehead, back or anywhere that feels too hot. They’re great for instant relief.


Arrive early: The earliest you arrive, the quicker you get to do all of the outside rides because lines aren’t as long. Universal does not have a system of free fast passes like Disney (you have to purchase the Express Pass for Universal). So enjoy the early morning, when it’s still not unbearably hot, to get ahead of the game.


Plan show times: Afternoons are usually hotter than mornings, so plan to watch longer indoor shows in the afternoon. At Universal Studios you have Beetlejuice, Fear Factor and Animal Actors that aren’t indoor but are covered up, so you get to sit down in the shade during the hottest hours. Terminator (A 3-D show, so it’s available without scheduled times) and the Horror Make-Up Show are air-conditioned and a GREAT way to cool down.


Stay hydrated: This is a given, but many people still underestimate the amount of liquid they must ingest to avoid dehydration on a hot day of theme park walking. Take a bottle of water from home and refill it on the water fountains around the park. You can find water fountains by the restrooms and also along the lines of most rides. When standing in line, hold the bottle of water in your hand for a constant reminder to sip on the water as you wait.


Splash areas: Universal Studios has no water rides (can you believe it? All water rides are at Islands of Adventure), so you will have to find alternative ways to get wet! For kids, there is a 200-foot long water slide at Fievel’s Playland that is located in the Kid’s Zone by the E.T. ride.  At Curious George Goes to Town you can enter the buildings and grab a hose or lever to spray your friends with water! So if you get too hot, just stop by this kid’s favorite for some refreshing water splashing!