5 tips for saving big on your Disney trip

November 18, 2016

1 – Airline ticket: One of the biggest expenses of your trip will inevitably be your airline tickets. Especially if you are traveling from abroad. Experts say the best way to secure tickets at a cheaper price is buying them 7 to 12 weeks before the start of your trip. Make sure you start to monitor ticket prices way in advance of your trip so you’ll know how to recognize a good deal when you see it.

Plane - staysky Suite I-Drive Orlando


2- Stay off property: A big way to save money on your Disney trip is to stay off property. Many people are lured by the idea that staying on Disney property will always be more convenient or magical. But that is definitely not true anymore. Off property hotels know they have to be a great value to compete with the Disney properties, so you will often find amazing deals at off property hotels that still offer the convenience of having theme-park shuttle service and nice pool area and amenities. staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando, for example, offers free shuttles to Disney World and Universal Orlando and it’s perfectly located near all attractions. Plus, they offer a delicious hot breakfast that is served daily, and their suites feature a fully equipped kitchen. To guarantee the best rates, make sure to book directly on their website as they have a best price guaranteed.

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3- Do some cooking: Another thing that can quickly eat out your budget (pun intended) is eating out. Eating every single meal in the parks or restaurants will seriously add up to a huge expense. Staying in a hotel that offers a kitchen is a must to allow you to save BIG. We know that you will be on vacation and have no plans to cooking extensively, but planning for simple dinners and quick snacks to take to the park can already help a lot. Think spaghetti and frozen meatballs with salad for dinner, for example. Boil the noodles, thaw meatballs and mix in your favorite sauce and toss some bagged salad with your favorite dressing. A 20-minute meal that can save the day and allow you some spending money at the parks. Since you’ll have a refrigerator, buy cheese, lunch meat, condiments and be creative making sandwiches, wraps and snacks that you can actually take to the park as well.

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4- Buy gear ahead of time: A Disney vacation is not complete without the Mickey shirts, Minnie ears and a few stuffed toys for the kiddos! It makes for perfect pictures but empty wallets if you buy these items at the park. There are plenty of gift shops, drugstores and grocery stores that will have all of this gear for MUCH less. Walmart, Walgreens, Target and several other smaller gift shops will be your best friend here. Also, make sure to get a few rain ponchos as well, because you do not want to get stuck in an unpredictable Florida thunderstorm and have to purchase rain coats for top dollar in the parks.

Minnie Ears - staySky Suites I - Drive Orlando


5- Have a budget: The last tip is to make sure you know your budget ahead of your trip. It is good to save, but vacations are also made for fun and a little splurging. Write down an amount that you will be comfortable with spending and keep track of your expenses by keeping you receipts or using the same credit card for everything during your trip. That way if you end up staying way under budget you can actually reward your family with a last minute trip to a spa, we recommend the Reflections Spa if you do, or even save that money to be used as a “down payment” for your next Disney vacation!

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