5 Orlando Summer Tips

June 1, 2018


Summer vacation is that sweet time we anxiously wait for throughout the year! We have the picture perfect day of what this time should look like:  Endless sunshiny days sipping cold drinks by the pool, going on incredible adventures and spending quality time with our family! Orlando is one of the top destinations for a summer vacation, as we have the most amazing theme parks in the world and plenty of sunshine! At staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando we want to make sure your summer vacation is beyond perfect and exceeds your expectations. That is why we put this blog post together to share our TOP 5 tips on how to best enjoy this HOT time with us during your Orlando summer vacation:


1- Water: It’s very important to keep well hydrated during your visit to Orlando. During the summer the temperatures in Orlando are quite high and so is the humidity level. As you may know, in humid weather our sweat does not evaporate easily, as the air already has enough water vapor in it. The body sweats hoping that as the sweat evaporates it will cool down our internal temperature, but since the sweat remains on our skin in humid weather, the body can’t cool down as easily. As we sweat we lose lots of water, and it’s easy to underestimate how much water we should be drinking to replenish it. Pay special care to children, as they will be too excited to remember to keep hydrated. A great solution is to buy cute Disney water bottles for the kids and just refill it in the park to avoid having to purchase bottled water in the park!


2- Fans: Disney has the cutest spray fans to help you stay cool! (You don’t have to spend money at Disney, as they do sell similar ones at our local Walmart.) These little spray fans can make such a difference on your trip! Some of them even attach to strollers, so your kids can remain cool while riding. They are usually less than $15 and you don’t need more than one or two for the family!

Walt Disney World-disney fans 

3- Shade: Disney is not designed to have much shade. Besides the ride queues and the inside of restaurants and stores, there’s not much shade as you walk around the park. So, a good tip is to get from one place to another by cutting through stores. Did you know that the stores off of Magic Kingdom’s Main Street are all interconnected from the inside? That means that you can walk toward the castle in the air-conditioner, my friends. Take advantage of that and avoid the direct sun during peak hours as much as possible to remain cool!


4- Sunscreen: Do we even need to mention this one? Sunscreen is an absolute must for your Disney trip. Purchase a travel size to take with you to the parks! Applying it only at home is not enough, because you’ll likely sweat it off or get it washed off on the water rides!



5- Pool time: Lastly, save some precious vacation time to be spent by the pool with us at staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando. A great vacation must be a balance between adventure and relaxation, so give yourself some time to just relax and do absolutely nothing!

 staySky Suites I - Drive - pool-area